Point of Sale Support – how does POS support work?

The issue of point of sale support and how it works  is often misunderstood in the hospitality industry. POS support  may incur a fee for service. This could be  on an ad hoc basis or by contractual arrangements that are  entered into and specify the services provided at pre-determined rates or fixed charges.

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The issue of warranty is not well understood in terms of point of sale system support. Warranty is provided realtive to statutory regulations it cannot be extended for only one individual to give an unfair purchasing advantage.

Warranty only covers workmanship and appearance defects that cause componentry to fail or degrade.

So if you water damage, electrically damage or physically damage a POS touch screen then warranty is not applicable. In this case point of sale support for you system will be via a physical visit by a service person who will remove the product from the site and organise its repair.

If you are lucky you may be provided with a “loan” unit whilst your product is being repaired. But that is rare point of sale support. In other circumstances your point of sale support  may require the return of the product back to base (commonly called return to base (RTB)).

Point of sale support by a Service Agreement can be a wise investment. Many business owners in restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars and retail do not take out such insurance. This is deemed a risk but should be weighed up against possible business losses that can be incurred when a point of sale system fails.

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Experience has shown that many businesses generally have poor electrical wiring  in their businesses both for electricity and data communication cables. A tip for any existing business is at least get that right or corrected and you may have a chance of minimising point of sale support.

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