Buying a POS system produced by a sole vendor can save you money

Buying a POS system that is a mish-mash combination of individual components produced by multiple manufacturers can create issues.

Sometimes people have an old PC or old printer sitting in their office, or they were included in a restaurant buyout – it can be tempting to save a few dollars by trying to incorporate cheaper components into your POS system.

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In some other cases you will find that the POS vendors themselves have cut corners by including components within the POS system that were sourced from alternate manufacturers. This approach to “building” a system from multiple vendors components does present problems of compatibility and creates issues where individual components may have different warranty periods.

Consider a car purchase. If you bought a Holden with different parts in it e.g. a Ford engine, Toyota gear
box and a V.W. suspension, then servicing would become a problem. You may need to go to different service centers to get repairs or warranty service completed. The car would also be a different car to drive and not perform to original design intentions.

This scenario is all to common with computer systems known as “OEM” systems – the majority of the components are sourced from separate suppliers and then assembled locally to produce a final computer system. They may look fantastic on the outside and the specs may imply that it is the fastest POS computer on the market – however the secrets are hidden underneath the case, and you may be getting much less than you expect.

POS software and POS hardware should act and work together as one. If you buy an OEM POS system made from various components and then try and get the POS software to fit, there is a risk that here will be issues. The risk is that the computer system will either run slowly or create unmanageable operational problems. Warranty and servicing would be fragmented and difficult to organise.

This is the reason we buy a complete car from a manufacturer as we know it will work from the time we turn the key and if there is a problem there is 100% chance that it will be fixed under warranty and we can always secure ongoing service.

For the same reason a POS computer system that sources hardware and software from the same supplier is a safe option.

It will work from the first time we power it up. There is also the added assurance that any issues are easily and quickly rectified, new software upgrades are compatible with the entire system and you get to deal with someone who can understand any problem associated with your POS system. Support for POS systems sourced from a  single manufacturer is generally much more efficient and provides for less downtime in your restaurant or retail store.

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So when you consider that a cheap upfront price can quickly turn into a costly nightmare it is nice to know that you can get good protection with a POS computer system that is supplied to work from the very beginning.

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